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Thermal Imaging Technology

We operate thermal imaging technology across all our sites. This technology automatically captures an image and records the temperature of anyone entering our sites. Any temperatures over our set threshold are immediately flagged and directed to the appropriate site staff.

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Hard Side Fleet

Our refrigerated hard side unit adds more capacity and another option across chilled and frozen loads. Please feel free to contact us should you wish to see what we have planned or if you have any questions.

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Rolleston Chilled Racking

The satellite racking in chilled rooms 66 and 67 offer nearly 7,000 pallet spaces combined, giving us a total in excess of 12,000 chilled pallet spaces.

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Freezer Efficiency

Our frozen stores at Rolleston employ ambient air coil defrost systems that improve the efficiency of the store, by annexing the defrost process from the storage.

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Aerial View

As you can see, our facility is looking good and constantly expanding.

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Adaptable Space

Our chilled rooms have interconnected access through partitioning doors, allowing for more efficient product movements from one room to another.

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