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1 - What we have been up to!

23 June 2016

A purchase of 3ha in stage 7 of the Izone industrial park of Rolleston will see our presence pushed out from Timaru and up to the edge of Christchurch. Izone industrial park in Rolleston, to be precise.

The design and planning stages of a new facility began quietly, some time ago, but now the physical construction work has begun, with the top surface being scrapped away and the levels being determined, just in time for the construction team to move in.

From a geographical standpoint. With the addition of two inland ports in the form of MetroPort and MidlandPort, as well as a growing number of import and export businesses choosing Izone as their location, it made logical sense to establish a base within the area.

In the coming months there will be regular, ‘milestone,’ updates telling the story of our progress at the Rolleston site, as well as other points to note with regard to the wider picture, which will include our Timaru facilities.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to see what we have planned or if you have any questions.